Lessons from 2020 - Chichi Eruchalu

Lessons from 2020

It can be so easy to write off this year. It started very normally and then evolved into something nobody could have predicted. I have been at home since March like most people. Spent 5 months homeschooling my two children while working in a new role. My team grew 10x in size as I learnt …

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Nothing is ever wasted - Chichi Eruchalu

Nothing is ever wasted

Nothing is ever wasted. In the last 10 years I: trained and qualified as a childminder, so I could have an income stream while home with the kids become a virtual assistant, web designer and course creator proving that I could take the skills I had and package them to serve others and make money …

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Do you have the C.E.O. Mindset?

Today I want to talk to you about whether you have the C.E.O. mindset. You might be thinking CEO as in business CEO, leader of the company. There is that and that’s really important because as a business owner I really do encourage you to think like a CEO, somebody who has a strategic view of their …

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Stop hiding behind your past

How many of you are hiding behind your past? You feel shame and embarrassment about aspects of your life and it is holding you back, from being visible and being you. It’s stopping people from getting close to you and ultimately stopping you from living your true purpose. For years I carried around the shame …

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